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Cave Shepherd and Co Visa Credit Card Logo


The Cave Shepherd Card was established over 30 years ago. In 2016, with the exciting new addition of VISA to their product, the company needed a complete rebrand. Starting with the Card itself the brand was completely redesigned while maintaining its connection to its parent company, Cave Shepherd & Co, and keeping ties with its long legacy as a highly trusted financial brand in Barbados.

Cave Shepherd and Co Visa Credit Card Designs; Classic & Gold
Cave Shepherd Visa Card
Cave Shepherd & Co Visa Card Website Design
Cave Shepherd & Co Visa Card Website Design
CS & Co Visa Card Launch Barbados
List of Benefits and Services by the Visa Card


Following the success of their new Cave Shepherd Visa Brand, designed and introduced their newest product.

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Create a Youthful energy around the brand that gets across 3 major messages:

The CS Card is now accepted everywhere Visa is accepted.

The CS & Co brand is for ALL BAJANS (Including young people)

To introduce the CS & Co App as a new, youthful
and very convenientproduct of the brand


Tasked with increasing online followers and engagement, we established a brand look & feel for social media and, transformed the social platforms for the Cave Shepherd Visa Card with strategically scheduled and promoted interactive and informational posts. 

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Effective integration of all aspects of marketing and messaging with clear objectives, target audience and flow are essential for optimal performance and ROI within digital marketing.

Digital marketing is not just about ‘posting photos’, it is about producing effective media and targeting your specific market (demographically and psychographically) using the advertising tools and resources provided by each social network and digital program.

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There are specific rules, regulations and ‘tricks of the trade’ that will allow for online transformation and success.  


Our goal is always to connect, engage customers and turn those said customers into sales.

Rather than distraction, the web should be an extension of our daily lives. Brand design is fundamentally about storytelling, from the useful to the delightful and the informative to the entertaining.


That is just what we do across the web, we create and tell stories that in turn produce experiences for the end-user. Whether it be by way of social, web, photography or content planning and development, in essence it is all storytelling, engagement and interaction. These actions are what lead to sales and long term loyalty.

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